We help you find the best fit parental control, accountability, or filtering software for your need.

We are a reseller of Qustodio Home Premium, a Safe Surfer partner and an affiliate to Covenant Eyes, Accountable2You - some of the world’s leading parental control and accountability and filtering software options.

Qustodio is the leading parental control software solutions for families worldwide.

Their solutions empower parents to have greater visibility into all of their kids’ online activity, including social networks.

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Safe Surfer is a social enterprise that's dedicated to protecting children from harmful online content.

Their mission is to protect children by supporting parents and providing clever, easy-to-use solutions such as our Lifeguard device and mobile apps.

Safe Surfer protects over 300,000 Android and Apple mobile devices, tablets, home PC’s, TV’s and Laptops every day, providing peace of mind and safety to families and businesses around the world.

Covenant Eyes is an Internet Accountability and Filtering system. Started in 2000, Covenant Eyes was the first system of it’s kind.

There are two services available – accountability and filtering.  With accountability, you are not blocking any content.  Instead, internet activity is monitored, rated, and sent in a report to any person you choose.
You can also choose to add filtering, in order to block inappropriate content using age-based ratings.

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Accountable2You is an Internet Accountability system that monitors and reports activity BUT does not filter.

Accountable2You were the first accountability software to offer a VPN on iPhone and iPad with uninstall notification. Through this VPN Accountable2You can monitor incognito browsing and hidden browser modes. With a easy to use dashboard you are able to add an unlimited number of accountability partners. Adjusting the strictness rating system is simple to use and can be adjusted per device, as well as having the ability to add objectionable words or remove non-objectionable words.

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